Student 2FA FAQs

Updated Dec 09, 2020

Have questions about 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)? Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. 

Why is 2FA being implemented?

We are adding this security measure to help keep your personal information as safe as possible. Even if someone else knows your username and password, they will not be able to get into your account unless they also have the device that you use to authenticate. 

How often will I need to authenticate?

Each authentication lasts for 30 days. That means that unless you’ve recently cleared your history or cache, you’re using a new Internet browser, or you’re using Incognito mode, you will only have to go through the process every 30 days per device.  

EXAMPLE: If you authenticated from your computer in Google Chrome, you would be authenticated for your computer and Google Chrome for 30 days. However, if you tried to access your BYU-Idaho account from the same computer later in the day, but used Safari instead of Google Chrome, you would need to authenticate again. You would then be authenticated for your home computer, for both Google Chrome and Safari, for 30 days. Within those 30 days, you would only need to authenticate again if you used a new device (e.g., a library computer) or another new browser.  

Let’s say that 15 days later, you cleared your cache after I-Learn maintenance. You would then need to authenticate again, and the 30-day period would restart.

How do I set up 2FA?

For instructions on how to set up your Duo Mobile 2FA, visit our article How to set up 2-Factor Authentication with Duo Mobile.

When will 2FA be implemented for me?

Certain groups of students will receive authorization to begin setting up Duo Mobile accounts starting March 24, 2020. You will receive an email if you are included in one of these groups. A new group of students will be added every Tuesday until all students have been added to Duo Mobile. We hope to reach the completion of the project by June 2020. After that, every new student will join Duo Mobile upon registration at BYU-Idaho.

Will I need to authenticate from the Testing Center?

No. We recognize that you will not be able to bring any authentication devices with you into the Testing Center, and so authentication in the Testing Center will not be required.  

What if I get an authentication notice when I’m not trying to log in to my account?

This means that someone is trying to get into your account. Deny the login request, and immediately change your BYU-Idaho password.

Will I need to authenticate when using an on-campus network?

No. If you are using the standard BYUI network (not BYUI_Visitor),  you should not have to authenticate with Duo Mobile.

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