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Connecting to Wi-Fi on a Phone

Updated Apr 12, 2021

You do not have to waste valuable data on campus! Connect your phone to the campus Wi-Fi so you can automatically join the wireless network whenever you are within range. 

If you have recently changed your BYUI password and are having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi, you will need to forget the BYUI Wi-Fi and reconnect. See Forgetting Wi-Fi for instructions.

On iPhone

1. Open Settings and tap Wi-Fi


2. Select the BYUI network. 




3. You will be asked to provide a username and password. Type in your BYU-Idaho username along with your password, then tap Join.




4. Tap Trust to finalize joining the BYUI network.


On Android

Not all Android devices will be the same. These are general directions. 

The following screenshots are for Google Pixel 3a.

1. Scroll down from the top screen and tap Settings


2. Tap Network & internet.

network & internet

3. Tap Wi-Fi.


4. From the list of available networks that appear, choose the BYUI server. 


5. Under CA Certification select Do not validate.

BYUI is a secure network run by the university, so, ignore the message "No certificate specified. Your connection will not be private".

6. Put your username and password in for the BYU-Idaho wireless network.  

For Anonymous Identity, type anything you want to.

ca certificate

No Wi-Fi? Check if the Wi-Fi is on.

Check if your Wi-Fi is on by clicking the Wi-Fi symbol on your phone and finding the option to turn Wi-Fi on or off. If your Wi-Fi is not on, turn it on and try connecting to the BYUI network. Use the Connect to the BYU-Idaho Wireless Network section of this article if you need help.  

You can also check for an external button that turns Wi-Fi on and off if you cannot locate a place to enable it in your phone settings. 

How’s your network connection?

If you are having problems accessing the BYU-Idaho website or I-Learn, see if you are connected to the BYU-Idaho Visitor Wi-Fi. This network is intended primarily for ecclesiastical leaders serving on campus and does not give access to I-Learn, printers, and other services. 

You can see which network you are connected to by clicking the Wi-Fi icon located on your phone. If you are connected to the BYU-Idaho Visitor Wi-Fi, disconnect by clicking the BYUI_Visitor option, then Disconnect

Spotty Wi-Fi between buildings?

If you are having problems connecting to the campus Wi-Fi, your phone may be trying to connect to a network access point that is too far away. Disconnect from the Wi-Fi, then reconnect to the BYUI Wi-Fi network. 

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