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What is the difference between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business?
  • OneDrive is free online personal storage that you get with either a Microsoft account or with
  • OneDrive for Business is online storage intended for business purposes. 
  • Your OneDrive for Business account is managed by your organization, rather than by you. 
  • Additionally, your OneDrive for Business account can only be accessed with your BYU-Idaho credentials. You must have authorization to do so.  

Why won’t my document save to OneDrive?

Documents will not save to OneDrive if:

  • The name contains special characters like ~, “, #, &, %, and more. 
  • The file name is longer than 250 characters. 
  • The file name begins with a period (.) or a tilde (~). 
  • The file is in an unsupported format such as .tmp” or .ds_store. 
  • The file is too big or there is not enough room left on the drive to store it. 

What information should I enter into the User ID field?

You should enter your BYU-Idaho username plus Do not use your BYU-Idaho e-mail address. 

Should I choose the Microsoft Account or the Work account?

Always choose the Work Account if you are using OneDrive for Business. 

Is OneDrive a secure place to store content?

Yes, because OneDrive is secured by your BYU-Idaho credentials and is therefore protected information that is kept private.

Is OneDrive encrypted?

Yes, your data is encrypted both on the servers and in transit. Also, threat management, security monitoring, and file/data integrity prevents or detects any tampering of data.

Can I back up my entire system to OneDrive?


How do I know how much space has been used on my OneDrive account?

In the OneDrive desktop app:

1.  Right-click the blue clouds in your system tray.

2.  Select Manage Storage.

3. Select View One Drive for Business storage.


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