Getting Started with & Maintaining Cisco Phones

Updated Dec 13, 2019

A quick call and service request can have a new Cisco phone at your desk in no time. Then, with some occasional cleaning maintenance, your phone can stay good as new.  

Who do I contact for a phone?

To get set up with a Cisco phone at BYU-Idaho, please call the BYU-Idaho Support Center (BSC) at (208) 496-1411. Please have your name, location, and an account number ready prior to calling.

What is the ticket type?

Under IT Platform, select New, Service Request. Use Phone: New. 

What is the phone acquisition process?

After you call the BSC and put in a request for a phone, a corresponding request ticket will be created. Soon afterward, an IT employee will come to your location to set up and connect your new Cisco phone. 

Maintaining your Cisco Phone

These steps outline the best way to clean your Cisco phone: 

1. Disable the touch screen by tapping the Display button and holding it for longer than one second. The Display button lights up to indicate changes in the status of the touch screen. 

   •  Display button is green and steady: the touch screen is in sleep mode. 
   •  Display button is green and blinking: touch screen is disabled

2. Wipe the phone’s touch screen using only a clean, dry, soft cloth. 

3. To enable the touch screen after disabling it, tap the Display button and hold it for longer than one second. To wake the touch screen from sleep mode, tap the touch screen or any button, or pick up the handset. 

Use only a clean, dry, soft cloth. Using cleaning liquids or supplies of any kind can contaminate phone components and cause damage. 

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