Setting Up & Forgetting School Email on a Mobile Device

Updated Jul 21, 2020

Setting up email on Android

Choose your email app of choice. We recommend Microsoft Outlook, but other apps will work similarly.

1. Scroll down on the home page of your phone and tap the Settings icon.


2. Scroll down until you see the Accounts section.


3. Tap Add account.

Add account

4. Choose the app you want to add. In this case, tap Outlook. This will require you to authenticate with Duo as well. 


5. When prompted, use your BYU-Idaho email address and follow the steps to log in.

BYU-Idaho email address

If you are not redirected to the login page, make sure to input not in the domain or username field. For example, if you log in with the username JohnDoe and your email is, then login with instead of  

 7. Enter as the server. Leave everything else on default.  

Setting up email on iPhone

1. If you do not already have an email account linked to your iPhones native Mail app, you can add one as soon as you open the app. Otherwise, open the Settings app and go to Passwords & Accounts.

Passwords & Accounts

2. Under Accounts, tap Add Account.


3. Select Other.


4. Under Mail, tap Add Mail Account.

Add Mail Account

5. On the following screen enter your name and BYU-Idaho email and password, then tap Next. This may require you to authenticate with Duo. 


6. The form will then expand, asking for a host name, username, and password. Use the following:  

  • Host Name:  
  • Username:  
  • Password: (your BYU-Idaho password)

Be sure to put at the end of your username to connect correctly.  

7. You will then be able to configure which native Apple services you would like to use with that account. Make your selections, then tap Save


 8. You should now find your BYU-Idaho email accessible from your iPhone’s Mail app.


Downloading Outlook or other mail apps

If you choose not to use the native Apple Mail app, you can download another mail app of your choice. The following instructions are for the Microsoft Outlook app, which works best for BYU-Idaho email.  

  1. Download the Outlook app and open it.
  1. Enter your BYU-Idaho email, then tap Add Account.
Add Account
  1. You will be directed to BYU-Idaho's login page. Enter your BYU-Idaho username and password and tap Login. This will require you to authenticate with Duo. 
  1. It may then ask you if you want to add another account. If you want, you can sync your other email accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo with the Outlook app too. You can even sync a storage account such as OneDrive for Business or Dropbox.
add another account

Forgetting email on iPhone or iPad
  1. Open the Settings app and tap Passwords & Accounts.  
Passwords & Accounts

2. Select Byui from the list of email accounts.


3. Tap Delete Account

delete account

4. Tap Delete Account in the pop-up to confirm.

delete account

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