Outlook: Texting, Faxing, Delaying, & Forwarding

Updated Jul 06, 2020

Texting from email

If you need to get a message to someone who might not have access to their email, you can text them from your own email. 

1. Open Outlook

2. Click New Email or New Message to compose a new draft.

new email

3. Enter the recipient’s ten-digit cell phone number in the To: field, followed by the @ symbol. 

4. After the @ symbol, add the recipient’s cell phone carrier. See below for a list of cell phone carriers and their matching @ addresses. 

  • Sprint: messaging.sprintpcs.com 
  • AT&T: txt.att.net 
  • Qwest: qwestmp.com 
  • T-Mobile: tmomail.net 
  • Verizon: vtext.com 
  • Virgin: vmobl.com 
  • Nextel: messaging.nextel.com 
  • Alltel: message.alltel.com 
  • Metro: mymetropcs.com 
  • Powertel: ptel.com 
  • Boost: myboostmobile.com 
  • Suncom: tms.suncom.com 
  • Tracfone: mmst5.tracfone.com 
  • U.S. Cellular: email.uscc.net 

5. Type a short message in the body of the email. (A long message might be delivered in a barrage of multiple texts.) 


6. Click Send. Your email will now be delivered as a text on the recipient’s cell phone. 

send message

Forwarding Email

This shows how to forward your email to an alternate email address.

1. Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of your Outlook email.


2. Click on View all Outlook Settings at the bottom

view all outlook settings

3. Click on the Forwarding tab.


Check the Enable Forwarding box and type the email address that you want to receive the forwarded emails.

enable forwarding

 We highly recommend that you also check the box Keep a copy of forwarded messages. Otherwise, every message forwarded to the other mailbox will be deleted from your BYU-Idaho mailbox. Click Save when you are done.

keep a copy of forwarded messages

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