Adding Money to your I-Card

Updated Jun 30, 2020

Money can be deposited from a bank account to your I-Card and may be used on campus for printers, vending machines, purchases, etc. 

1. Log into your BYU-Idaho account. 

login page

2. Scroll to locate the My Finances window.

my finances

3. Select Make Card Deposit at the bottom of the window.

make card deposit button

4. Under Your Account, select Make a Payment

your account

5. Select the I-Card Deposit

i-card deposit

6. Specify how much you wish to add to the I-Card in the Pay Amount box. 

i-card deposit amount

7. Select Make Payment.   

make payment

8. Choose a method of payment.  

method of payment

9. Enter your email in the box, then select Submit Payment

submit payment

10. Follow the instructions given on the site to complete the process.

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