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G Suite Login Process


As of March 31, 2020, BYU-Idaho has granted G Suite access to all students and employees. This means that, through your BYU-Idaho account, you have unlimited access to all products included in the G Suite. 

G Suite is a collaboration and storage tool provided by Google. The following instructions will walk you through how to log in to G Suite for Education with your BYU-Idaho account. For G Suite support, visit the G Suite Admin Help page. 

1. Go to the G Suite dashboard.

2. Type in your BYU-Idaho email address. Click Next.

3. Click on G Suite account.

4. Log in with your BYU-Idaho username and password. Click Login

5. If you are off campus, you will be required to verify your identity with 2-factor authentication. Click your preferred authentication method: Send Me a Push, Call Me, or Enter a Passcode. Once a method is selected, it will automatically redirect you to the next page.

If you have previously logged in to BYU-Idaho’s G Suite, you will not need to complete steps 6 or 7.

6. Verify with Google that this is your account by clicking Continue.

7. Read and accept the user agreement by clicking Accept.

8. You will then be taken to the G Suite dashboard where you can access all available tools.


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