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How Do I Share a Zoom Recording from My Media?


If you choose to record a Zoom meeting to the cloud, your recording will be stored in BYU-Idaho’s video sharing platform, MediaSpace (a.k.a Kaltura). They are accessible through My Media in Canvas and on Shortly after finishing your recording, you will receive an email that looks like this:

Email for My Media
Access Recordings for Campus Faculty

The steps work for instructors, but not for students. Please refer to their section for more information if you are trying to help them.

Depending on how you plan to share your recording, you will need to follow different steps:

  1. If you want to obtain the shareable link that you can copy and share, click here
  2. If you want to embed the recording in your Canvas course, click here
  3. If you want to give someone else access to edit and publish the video (such as a TA or another teacher), click here.
Access Recordings for Online Adjunct Instructors

The steps work for instructors, but not for students. Please refer to their section for more information if you are trying to help them.

Here are some articles from the Online Community to help you with Kaltura:

  1. Using Kaltura - Video Management System
  2. Kaltura - Share video with link
  3. Kaltura - Share video with embed code
Access Recordings for Students

Follow these steps to access your Zoom recordings.

Go to “My media” in Canvas. Find the video that you want to download. Click on “ACTIONS” and then select “Edit.” 

Canvas Action to Edit

Click on the download icon on the top left corner of the video.

Dowload Icon

It will navigate to play the video. Please click the three dot icon on the bottom of the page.

Three dot icon

Select “Download.” A pop up will appear at the bottom of your page with your downloaded file.

Download video
Embedding Media in Canvas for Students

This tutorial will walk you through how to embed a video within Canvas course material. 

1. Add/Edit Page

Edit Page

To begin, first navigate to where you would like your video to be embedded in Canvas. This could be an assignment description, a page, a quiz description, or anywhere with the rich content editor. Click edit in the top right corner of the material.

2. Embed from Kaltura Button

Kaltura Add-on

Scroll to the rich content editor and select the Kaltura icon.

3. Embed Video

Embed video

A list of your videos on My Media will appear, and you can scroll through to find the video you want to use. Click </> Embed to insert the video into your Canvas material. 

3a. If Embed button is grey:

Edit video

If that icon is greyed out and you are unable to select it, you will need to click Edit to publish your video.

3b. Choose Hearing Impaired Settings and Video Purpose

Hearing Impared Options

Scroll down and make sure you select an option in both the Hearing Impaired field and Video Purpose field. These are required to publish your video. Then click Save. The Embed button should now turn blue and allow you to embed the video.

Your video will now be embedded in your Canvas material.


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